About Us

Back in 2019, Myrtle started engaging low-income mothers by onboarding them as our artisanal designers. Just like how each of our designers is unique, their handmade products are also one-of-a-kind. Each piece of artwork is made with love by our lovely designers, with the goal of spreading happiness to every one of you. By allowing the mothers to develop their personal interests or refine their existing handicraft skills, we hope that they can explore their creativity while working on those gifts for you. 


Supporting our Myrtle Mummies

Myrtle provides our low-income mothers with flexible work arrangements which allows them to have a source of income while fulfilling their caretaking duties at home. Ultimately, we strive to achieve a sustainable livelihood for our mothers and a supportive and tight-knit community that they are proud to be part of. 


Creating Meaningful Gifts

At Myrtle, we believe that gift-giving can be meaningful. By communicating the story behind each piece of coaster and trinket, as well as name light stands, we hope that both the giver and recipient can truly appreciate the special meaning behind the creation of each artwork and the giver’s intention behind each gift. Each creation has brought a sense of fulfillment to each Myrtle mummy, having tapped on their creative juices. We too, are committed to producing skillfully and thoughtfully crafted gifts, which is evident from the high quality materials we use and our dedication to re-invest resources into our designers for their upskilling and training. Our designers are highly encouraged to take ownership of the opportunities given in developing new products by utilising available materials around them. As such, each gift is uniquely designed, and handmade with love to create new fond memories for you and your loved ones!


Caring for the Environment

Our current collection includes using recycled flowers from our partner florists. Combining them with environmentally-friendly resin, we are committed to producing gifts with a deeper meaning. 


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