Myrtle’s role in helping disadvantaged groups

From 2019, Myrtle has been working with mothers from low-income families by providing them with an avenue for craft making. We understand that when it comes to looking for employment, these mothers prioritize flexible timings and convenience. This allows them to stay at home when they are needed by their children, or in the events where a family member falls sick. 

Furthermore, these mothers are not bogged down by their circumstances and are always eager to learn. It is always an enjoyable process during virtual workshops when we teach the mums how to make the coasters or even the new products that we have in store. 

Our work process

1. Collection of Flowers

Leftover flowers are collected from partner florists and dried by Myrtle team. 

2. Delivery of Materials

Every month, volunteers help to deliver to the mothers these recycled dried flowers and other materials Myrtle prepares for them for production of coasters (e.g. resin) .

3. Online Training

The mothers first undergo a one-time online training session to learn how to make the coasters. Myrtle takes them through a step-by-step tutorial session, from pouring the resin to designing the coasters. 

4. Flexible WFH Arrangement

The mothers are then given the flexibility to produce the coasters in their own time at home with the materials provided.

5. Collection of Coasters

The coasters are then collected back at the end of the month by our volunteers.

6. Quality Check & Packaging

Myrtle conducts a quality check on the coasters and pays the mothers for the coasters they produce, as well as packages the coasters for delivery to our customers.

Other ways to help disadvantaged groups

Myrtle is only one such social enterprise aiding low-income mothers, and there are plenty of other enterprises that target other underprivileged groups in Singapore. Stay tuned for our next blog post to find out more!

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